Newfoundland – Day 1 – Port Aux Basques to Stephenville


I arrived in Port aux Basques last night via the 6 hour ferry from Sydney, Nova Scotia.

Here’s a short video of me leaving Port aux Basques this morning in thick fog:

imageMoose hunting season started on September 12. The hotel was full of hunters dressed in camo.  Many bring vans with freezers inside to freeze the meat (see above photo). There are lots of atv’s around as well.


Lots of moose warnings around. Apparently Newfoundland has a population of @135,000 moose.


Back in Nova Scotia:  When you have a big lawn in Nova Scotia, you can do dope things like post up every Simpsons character (and Ninja Turtles, Spider-Man, & Bratz):



I met up with the momma in North Sydney, after 57km of beautiful sunshine – maybe the last for this trip. We took the ferry to Port aux Basques, had sandwiches  and bad ferry coffee.

imageThe sunny picture above is leaving Sydney and the foggy one is our arrival in Port aux Basques.

On the boat: wearing something other than biking gear is really nice!


In Newfoundland, there are a ton of guys with hunting jackets covered in trees, leaves, and branches designs. At our motel there were lots of middle aged men checking in – looks like a big gathering of hunters from Tennessee.

Today was the first day for the last section of this trip (890km to St. John’s), and I left my bags in the car. Biking without baggage is really nice. I went 23km/hour, up from 20km/hour.

The roads into Stephenville were gorgeous:

  • image



About Ben Last

Riding across North America by bicycle to raise money for the River Woods housing co-op after a fire on May 7th, 2015 destroyed homes for 26 families.
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