Done! Cape Spear

This morning at 10:51 I completed my trip across Canada by bicycle by reaching Cape Spear, the most easterly point in North America.

I had to laugh at the number of things that went wrong with my bike at the 11th hour: the weld on my frame reopened and I got two flats coming into St. John’s: one 45km from the city limit, one 15km! I had to laugh that these problems happen now, as my last flat was over a month ago in Manitoba, and I had just replaced my tire this past Wednesday.

So close!


Thankfully, I patched my tube and made it up the giant hills to Cape Spear:


I chatted with some people at the top and told them I had just completed crossing Canada on my bicycle and they shook my hand & took a picture of me which was nice.

It’s nice to be done. Immediately after I got a wave of tiredness. It’s probably relief that my bike held out getting up to Cape  Spear and finally finishing. From July 4th to September 26th is 86 days total, 17 rest days, 69 days of cycling, and somewhere around 7000km of road.

Problems with the bike:

  • 9 flats
  • 2 frame breaks
  • worn out chain

I experienced a level of generosity from strangers I’ve never seen before. Some highlights:

  • staying at Susan’s cousin Mike’s gorgeous house in northern B.C
  • staying in Eddie’s trailer my first day in the U.S. In a town of less than 300 people
  • being picked up by Sue Moe after five days of flats and fed an amazing meal by her brother & hanging out with her family
  • speaking to a man in a dog park for less than 5 minutes and seeing he gave a 200$ donation to River Woods
  • seeing my family in Fergus, Orangeville, & Toronto
  • being given pasta by a woman after my stove ran out of fuel to make my own for the night & having a coffee with her on the water before departing for the day
  • & loads more: being handed water on the side of the road, getting lifts into town when my bike broke down, having meals paid for in restaurants, given food and drinks by strangers, meeting several other bike tourists along the way, staying with warm showers hosts, avoiding most rainy days… On and on.

It will take some time for everything to sink in.  For the time being, I’m happy to be done.

The hills up to Cape Spear:

The finish line:


About Ben Last

Riding across North America by bicycle to raise money for the River Woods housing co-op after a fire on May 7th, 2015 destroyed homes for 26 families.
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One Response to Done! Cape Spear

  1. Donna says:

    Congratulations -we would give you a big hug if we were there-very proud of you


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