New Brunswick and the start of Nova Scotia

I got through New Brunswick in 4 days and I’m now in Wentworth, NS., in Canada’s oldest hostel from 1961. It’s at the base of a ski mountain in the area and built in an old farm house. The manager, Andrew, is a really great host and made dinner for me & upgraded me to a private room with a big bed! Very nice guy, I would highly recommend staying here if you’re in the area. This is the living room:


I didn’t know much about New Brunswick, but I like the geography. The highways are lined with trees much like northern BC, but with more gradual, rolling hills. My favourite blog of a guy going across Canada said he didn’t like his ride across northern New Brunswick, but I enjoyed my ride through the centre. There are also some monuments here, like the world’s largest covered bridge:


And the world’s largest axe:


The photo includes a gathering of men beneath the axe, which I found really funny.

I also found a place where a witch lives FOR SURE:


I took a break to grab a bite at the Douglas Diner, and the owner Aaron bought me breakfast! Super nice! The food was filling and the coffee was fantastic.  Thank you for your generosity!


New Brunswick, again like BC, has long, desolate highways where there are nothing but farm houses and cemeteries. Lots of cemeteries. And there might be zombies in New Brunswick:


I went four hours of constant pedalling without finding a gas station and when I found a pizza place I inhaled four slices of pizza and two cans of pop. Here’s a picture from my campsite that night:

imageI’m going to try and do another 140ish km today. I haven’t taken a rest day since Ottawa (12 days) and I’m a bit worried about blowing my legs out. I’ve been thinking of doing yoga when I get back; something I’ve refused to do, to stretch my unstretched legs out.

I have a couple more days until Sydney, NS, where I will cross into Newfoundland for the last 800 and change kilometres of the trip. My mom is flying in to Moncton on Friday, and having the company for the last part of my trip will be welcome.


About Ben Last

Riding across North America by bicycle to raise money for the River Woods housing co-op after a fire on May 7th, 2015 destroyed homes for 26 families.
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One Response to New Brunswick and the start of Nova Scotia

  1. Dan says:

    You are bloody killin’ it man. Great job!


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