120km north of Fredericton & the home stretch!

Stayed in a motel with excellent wifi in Andover-Perth, NB. I found out New Brunswick has a law that hotels have limitations on how much can be charged for accommodations – for a single the max is 70 or 80$. Last night I paid 60$, one of the cheaper motels on my trip.

My bike is slowly but surely breaking down. The rear mounting eyelet broke off and I did a crappy temporary fix which got me to my campsite:


Better fix:


This is Roy and Eleanor. I met them at a weird campground in eastern Quebec – I had to ride over sharp purple rock to get to it. The campsite was going to charge me 25$ for a site and I asked if that was the price for a biker – in Quebec, campsites can belong to a biker friendly organization, and they give discounts. Before she replied, Roy, who was checking in at the same time as me began speaking to her in French. Two minutes later, he told me where I could tent, and that they weren’t going to charge me. Roy invited me to have dinner at the restaurant, and I asked what he told the host at check in. Roy told her, ‘he’s biking to St. John’s, he’s come a long way from Vancouver, you should give him a free night’. Roy, this was so kind of you and really says something about your character, thank you. It was great having dinner with you & Eleanor!


While biking along a trail alongside highway 2, I came across this awesome campsite: it had a covered area which could fit a tent, a bbq, a grill, table, benches, water, washroom, firewood, and right on the river! So rad. I had another 2 hours of biking that day, otherwise I would have stayed.


Spare parts wheel:


Near the end of a day I met Michael, who was touring on a single speed bike. We decided to share a campsite at Michael’s destination for that day. It was nice to meet another tourist this late in the season, and a good guy at that! Best of luck with your tour!

Yesterday was a bit of a gongshow. I broke camp as it started to rain, went to a McDonald’s where I had some covered area to fix my bike. I got the rack mounted pretty good and headed to Grand Falls, where I was told there was a bike shop. It was raining, my gears were squeaky and clicking; it was an unpleasant ride. I met the mechanic, who was really nice but didn’t know much about bikes, and he referred me to a shop in Fredericton. I was told two other tourists going to St. John’s had come through that morning too! They were still at the Tim Horton’s nearby, where I went to meet them. They were a father & daughter team, John and Sara, who were from Niagara Falls, ON, and started in Vancouver. They started July 9th, shortly after I started on July4th. I rode with them for about 35km to Perth-Andover, where we took a break and I decided to get a hotel after a day of delays and fixing stuff.

I’m going to stop somewhere and have my bike checked out. I likely need a new chain and something for my crank. All I want is for my bike to not fall apart before I get to dip my tire in Cape Spear. Afterwards it can burst into flame.

Also – the fundrazr page has gotten two anonymous donations for $200 & $100! So Good! The donations are close to 2500$, if not just over.


About Ben Last

Riding across North America by bicycle to raise money for the River Woods housing co-op after a fire on May 7th, 2015 destroyed homes for 26 families.
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